Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lesson 1 - Shutter Speed:
Well, this is my first blog and I'll try and make this as interesting as possible. I've been learning photography for quite a few years now and want to share my thoughts, techniques, equipment settings and try to help others where possible to obtain crisp sharp and well processed images.

The swan on the left was taken dangling over a very high boat (which was also moving at the time) in the Lake District (UK).

Equipment used for this photo : Canon 300D + Bigma (Sigma 50-500mm DG Lens) at 118mm and around 1/4000 @ f5.6. ISO 200. The point with this setup is light!! and lots of it. The more light you have, the greater shutter speed you can use. In turn this enables you to take a shot in to most shaky conditions (such as dangling over a boat ;-) ). So I guess, lesson 1 is, use a high enough shutter speed for the conditions. Ususally as a rule of thumb you should use a shutter speed equal or greater than the set focal length. So in this case 1/118 of a second or greater. However as the 300D is a 1.6 crop sensor, you may find that a speed of 1/(118 * 1.6) a better fit for a beginner. In my opinion the speed that you can use is down to technique and the current conditions. Some of the shots I will post later, shatter the rule above and I have crisp sharp pictures taken @500mm handheld and at a shutter speed of only 1/60. Some shots will require a shutter speed of 5 seconds or more for effect. More on that later.

Anyway, that's all for now.

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